How to Assemble a Clothes Drying Stand

Clothes Drying Racks

A Clothes Drying Rack is an amazing stand for drying your clothes after you are done washing them. This way, you won’t have to buy a clothes-dryer which is known to be quite expensive. Let’s not forget that these dryers also consume electricity, and you will have to pay the price every month once your electricity bill arrives. If you are concerned about how you are going to assemble a Clothes Drying Rack after your purchase, then we are here for you.

Below, we have given a few general steps that you can use to assemble a standard Clothes Drying Rack

Clothes Drying Racks

The Assembling Process of a Clothes Drying Rack

A double pole Clothes Drying Rack often comes with 13-16 segments. In pieces, you will also find shelves that may be foldable and adjustable. However, that entirely depends on the company and manufacturer of the Clothes Drying Rack. Other than that, the rack may also come with caster wheels that are supposed to be fixed at the bottom. These wheels make the movement and portability of the Clothes Drying Rack quite accessible. Now, when you know about the basic parts, let us move to the steps of assembling a Clothes Drying Rack:

  • Make the shelves by attaching the central poles to the side pieces. Generally, you are supposed to attach three poles in the three holes of two side pieces. This assembly will make one shelf of the rack.
  • Continue the process and make other shelves. Mostly you will be able to make at least four shelves of the rack with such pieces.
  • For making the base, you will have four pieces. Out of these two will, the sidebars and the other two pieces will be a pair of thick rods. Attach them in the holes of the bars.
  • In the same sidebars, you will find a pair of holes facing upwards. These are the holes where you are supposed to attach the side poles. Generally, you will find two holes in each bar for two poles.
  • These poles won’t run too long, and you will need attachments to make the rack heightened.
  • The same attachments will also have holes for attaching the vertical shelves.
  • You can now attach the shelves that you made previously on the attachments of the side poles.
  • The work is not finished as you also have to fix all the attachments with nuts and bolts. This will make your Clothes Drying Rack sturdier and more secure for everyday usage.
  • If there are extra attachments, you can assemble them like shelves and attach well to the side pole attachments with the help of nuts and bolts. They will look like flaps, and you will also be able to fold them as per your needs.
  • If there are any long hooks, you can fix them at the top.
  • Make sure that you secure the top of the rack with the top pieces.
  • Your Clothes Drying Rack is now ready.

Assembling a Clothes Drying Rack is not a tough and challenging thing to do. However, if you have problems, you can try going through the manual that often comes along with the rack in the deal. Many manufacturers will also offer you instructional videos that you can find on the internet.

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